Metallic USB Drives

These Metal USB drives sure do shine! If you are looking for more durable flash drives, give our custom metal usb drives a try.

These Metal USB drives made from steel or aluminum, these metal drives provide extreme endurance and make great promotional gifts because they feature key ring loops for portability. Metal drives come in a wide range of colors and can be laser engraved or Photo Pro printed depending on the drive.



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Pico Gold USB Flash Drive

This rare collectors item makes makes an eloquent corporate gift.It is available only on a preorder basis for a limited time.
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Rescue USB Flash Drive

The present invention relates to a rescue flash drive, and more particularly to a flash drive which stores a number of pieces of data on the health status (including medical history) of an individual and emergency first aid medication, thereby providing emergency first aid reference information and medication when administering first aid in a life-threatening emergency.
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Skateboard USB Flash Drive

Best for engraving your LOGO.
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Slim Metal USB Flash Drive

This drive is great for those aspiring Military soldiers or Veterans.
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Slim Pop-up USB Flash Drive

Offering up to 8GB of storage, the flash drive is tiny, portable, and compact. For such a small but stylish drive, it sure has the ability to make a huge impact.
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Transformer USB Flash Drive

Elegant and Compact Metallic USB Drive, Swivel Cap, Attached Keyloop.
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UDF USB Flash Drive

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Whistle Shape USB Flash Drive

Luxurious Leather Case, Exclusive Style. It is a great promotional gift.
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